Sikkim Heritage Trek

The culturally wealthy Sikkim deserves a pat on their back for preserving their traditions and endeavouring to pass it on from generation to another. Sikkim Heritage Trek gives one the opportunity to observe closely the rich culture of Sikkim. It is a low altitude trek that allows trekkers to visit several villages in the state, where they can witness the day today rural life, visit remote monasteries and temples and taste the authentic food. The trek also offers the opportunity to interact with the locals and witness and understand their customs better. Since, dancing, music and ornaments have been a vital part of Sikkim's culture; this trek will be a good chance to peek inside several celebrations. Sikkim Heritage shall also cover the areas and regions that one is otherwise unable to see in a regular tour. Here is the detailed itinerary of the Sikkim Heritage Trek:

Day 1:

Gangtok to Nambu (1600m / 5-6 hours drive) (Camping / Home Stay)

Day 2:

Nambu to Chongri (2050 m / 4 to5 hours) (Camping / Home Stay).

Day 3:

Chongri to Topung (2000m / 4 hours) (Camping / Home Stay).

Day 4:

Topung to Melli (2150m / 4 hours) (Camping / Home Stay)

Day 5:

Melli to Khechuperi (1800m / 4 hours) ( Camping / HomeStay)

Day 6:

Khechuperi to Yuksam (1875m / 4 to 5 hours) (Camping / Home Stay)

Day 7:

Yuksam to Pokhari Dara (2200m / 5 to6 hours) (Camping / Home Stay)

Day 8:

Pokhari Dara to Lapdang (2100m / 4 to 5 hours) (Camping / Home Stay)

Day 9:

Lapdang to Tashiding (1465m / 4 to 5 hours) (Camping / Home Stay)

Day 10:

Tashiding to Bagdogra Airport / Railway Station

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