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Sikkim state is characterized by mountainous terrain as it shares mountainous borders with Nepal in the east and with China in east and north. Sikkim has mountains with heights ranging from 280 meters to 8,586 meters which makes it trekker's and adventure lover's paradise. Mighty Khangchendzonga is the pride of Sikkim as it is the highest point of the state by dominating all other peaks. Expedition in Sikkim allows tourists to experience an antidote to city life stress. The following article takes you on a tour of major peaks in Sikkim:

Mt. Khangchendzonga:

Khangchendzonga redefines mountains. With an elevation of approx. 28,169 ft (8,586 meters), mighty Khangchendzonga is the third highest mountain in the world. It is the topmost glory of Sikkim with its wonderful snow scenery. Also known as Five Treasurers of Snow, Khangchendzonga is worshipped by the people of Sikkim as the house of their deity Dzo-nga. Sikkimese people believe that Khangchendzonga is the storehouse of five sacred items which are essential for life including mineral, salt, grain, weapon and Holy Scriptures. This holy mountain looks wonderful from different viewpoints but it looks the best from Dzongri and Gochila passes. Khangchendzonga is a conglomeration of five peaks with main, central and south peaks of the Khangchendzonga on the North Sikkim and Nepal border.

Mt Frey Peak:

Lying in the close proximity of Mt. Kabru, Mt Frey peak has striking similarity with Europe's Matthorn peak. Named after renowned mountaineer George Frey, Mt Frey peak has an altitude of 5830 meters. With snow in its gaps, Mt Frey Peak is well approached transversing Fery glacier. Expedition on Mt Frey Peak takes 13 days and 12 nights.

Mt. Jopuno:

Situated in the western Sikkim, Mt. Jopuno has an elevation of 5603 meters. From the summit of Mt. Jopuno, you can enjoy a spectacular view of Himalayan Mountains. Declared as trekking peak by Sikkim govt. in 1990, Mt. Jopuno has been appreciated by mountaineers.

Mt. Kabru:

Standing on the border of Nepal and India, Mt. Kabru has an elevation of 24,005 ft (7,316 meters). This magnificent mountain is a part of ridge extending towards south from Khangchendzonga.

The main features of this ridge are (north to south):

Kangchenjunga south top, 8476 meters

A 7412 meters summit
A 6983 meters saddle
A 6600-6700 meters saddle
Talung summit (7349 meters)
A 6983 meters saddle
A 7412 meters saddle
Kabru South, a 7318 meters summit

Mt. Siniolchu:

Described as "the most beautiful snow mountain in the world and the superb triumph of mountain architecture," Mt. Siniolchu stands 6,888 meters (22,598 ft.) tall. This mountain is situated near the green lake neighboring Khangchendzonga.

Mt. Thingchinkhang:

Situated in western Sikkim, Mt. Thingchinkhang has an elevation of 6010 meters. It is one of the freshly opened trekking peaks by Sikkim government. The mountain is the home to a wide range of flora and fauna, and sacred lakes. Summit of this mountain offers a wonderful view of the most beautiful Sikkim Himalayan Mountains. Mt. Thingchinkhang, along with Mt. Jopunu (5936 meters), has been declared as alpine peak by Sikkim government in 2006 to make adventure tourism more popular in Sikkim.

Mt. Pandim:

Soaring up to an amazing height of 22,010 ft, Mt. Pandim is established in West Sikkim. One can enjoy scenic view of this mountain from Dzongri top. Encircled by snow-clad mountains, this mountain is apt for expedition from April, May and September.

Mt. Rathong:

Having a height of 6,678 meters (21,909 ft.), Mt. Rathong is connected with Kanchejhonga South peak through Kabru North-South-IV-Talung peaks. It rises from Yalung glacier and has Nepal in its north. Mt. Rathong has Kabru Massif in its east and south-east.

Mt. Simvo:

Situated in the North-Sikkim region, Mt. Simvo is a group peaks with Simvu South, Simvu North, Simvu-III and Simvu IV as the major peaks. It has an elevation of 6,855 meters.

Mt. Kokthang:

With an elevation of 5,781 meters, it is the 35th highest mountain. Kabru, Talung, Dzongri are the peaks near to Mt. Kokthang.

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