South Sikkim Tour

South Sikkim is a district of the Indian state of Sikkim. Its capital is Namchi. South Sikkim lies at an altitude of 400 m to 2000 metres and hence enjoys a temperate climate for most of the year.

The people are mainly of Nepali descent. Other ethnic groups include the Lepcha and Bhutia communities. Nepali is the most widely spoken language in the district.

One of the most industrialized districts in the state, owing to the availability of flattened land.

Tourist Interested Places in South Sikkim:


Namchi is the capital of south sikkim and situated 78 kms away from gangtok at an attitude of 5500 fts above sea level. The appellation namchi means sky (nam) high (ahi) in bhutia language. It is nestled among the hills at an elevation of around 5500ft. commands panoramic view of the snow capped mountains and vast stretches of valley.


Situated at an elevation of 8000 fts, ravangla is an up coming tourist destination for its breathtaking landscape and tranquility. It is situated on the ridge between the Meanam and Tendong hills. It is an ideal place for enjoy natural paradise and short treks. Ravangla is a perfect destination for village tourism, tea gardens, monasteries, flora and fauna, mountains picturesque view, waterfalls, quaint villages, culture, and fresh cold winds.

Temi Tea Garden

The one and only Tea garden existing in sikkim produces one of the top quality teas in the international market. The tea garden is spread out on a gentle hill slope originating from the Tendong hill and provides a magnificent view of the surrounding villages.

Tendong Hill

One of the more prominent attractions of South Sikkim. Surrounded by lush green ancient forest, tendong hill is situated on an elevation of 8350 fts from the sea level. Legend says that it was a place of recluse for Buddhist lamas who spend years in meditation admits the silent grandeur.

Maenam Hill

Situated at an altitude of 10,300 ft, meanam hill towers above tendong hill on the other side overlooking the ravengla bazar settlement. On a clear day, it is even possible to see the plains of West Bengal spanning across Kalimpong and Darjeeling hills in the South and a Himalayan span of the Indo-China border towards the North.

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