Sikkim Wildlife Tour

One of the richest states in India when it comes to biodiversity, Sikkim is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna. 5,000 species of flowering plants, around 500 rare orchids, 11 varieties of Oak, and fauna like red panda, snow leopard, musk deer, marbled cat, and Tibetan wolf have established Sikkim as one of the three eco-regions of India. Altitudinal gradation of Sikkim contributes to its rich ecology.


Sikkim is divided into three botanical zones:

Tropical zone: Sea level to 5000 ft (approx.)
Temperate zone: 5000 ft. to 13,000 ft.
Alpine zone: above 13,000 ft.

Sikkim is known for over 500 species of orchids and 30 species of rhododendron, which is also the state tree of Sikkim. In the tropical zone, orchids, laurel, bananas, laurel, bamboo and sal tree are commonly found while the temperate zone is house to plants like oaks, chestnut, birches, alders, magnolias and maples. Alpine-type vegetation, which includes Eastern Himalayan alpine shrub and meadows and a broad variety of wildflowers and rhododendrons, is found in the alpine zone. Cymbidiums, Vanda, Hookeriana, Cattaleya, Farmeri, and Dendrobium Amoenum are the most common species of orchids found in Sikkim. Noble Dendrobium is the official flower of Sikkim. In Sikkim, International Flower festival is held every year in March- May that attracts naturalists from all over India.


Among animals, snow leopard, musk deer, Red Panda, Himalayan Tahr, Himalayan marmot, Himalayan goral, Himalayan serow, clouded leopard, common langur, Asian black bear, marbled cat, Tibetan wolf, binturong, hog badger and Himalayan jungle cat are the most common in Sikkim. Sikkim is also home to around 695 species of butterflies. Impeyan pheasant, crimson horned pheasant, snow partridge, sandpipers, pigeons, Tibetan snowcock, plovers, woodcocks, babblers, and Old World flycatchers are bird species found in Sikkim. Red Panda is the state animal of Sikkim.

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