West Sikkim Tour

West Sikkim is also a district of the Indian state Sikkim. Its capital is Geyzing, also known as Gyalshing. The district is a favourite with trekkers due to the high elevations. Other important towns include Pelling and Jorethang.

The district has a wide variety of fauna and flora to offer. Since most of the district is hilly it enjoys a temperate climate. Above 3,800 m (12,000 feet) the slopes are full of rhododendron forests.

West Sikkim also has the ancient capital of the state Yuksom. It served as the capital beginning in 1642 for almost 50 years till it was shifted to Rabtense. The district was under the occupation of the Nepalese for many decades in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. After the Gorkha War, the district was returned to Sikkim.

The enomy is mainly agrarian, despite most of the land being unfit for cultivation owing to the precipitous and rocky slopes. Attractions include the Khecheoperi lake which as legend has it, not a leaf is allowed to fall on the surface of the lake and the Pemyangtse monastery, the first monastery of the state.

Tourist Interested Places in West Sikkim:


Gyalshing, also known as Geyzing, is the headquarter of west sikkim. Yuksom, and pemayangtse monastery are the tourist interested places near gyalshing. Yuksom is the ancient capital of Sikkim built in 1642. Pemayangtse monastery built in 1640, reputed to be Sikkim's oldest and Khecheopalri Lake which as legend has it not a leaf is allowed to float.

Pemayangtse Monastery

Pemayangtse Monastery is one of the oldest monasteries in the Sikkim. It is built by the Lhatsun Chempo, one of the reverend lamas to have performed the consecration ceremony of the first Chogyal (Religious) Monarch) of Sikkim. This ancient Monastery belongs to the Nyingmapa sect of Tibetan Buddhism and has been considered as one of the premier monasteries in the State.


Yuksom was the the ancient capital of sikkim where according to the historical records and it was here in 1641 AD the first Chogyal (King) Phuntsok Namgyal of Sikkim was consecrated by the three wise lamas. The hamlet of Yuksam is set amidst pristine hills and panoramic lakes.

Tashiding Monastery

It is situated on 16 km away from yuksom and around 40 km away from gyalshing. It is an important monastery belongs to the Nyingmapa order. It was built on the top of a hill that looms up between the Rathong river and the Rangit river. According to Buddhist scriptures, Guru Padma Sambhave ( Guru Rimpoche ) blessed the sacred land of Sikkim in 8th Century A.D. by one Nadak Sempa Chempo, one of the three lamas who had performed the consecration ceremony of the first Chogyal.

Other popular tourist interested places in west sikkim are pelling, khecheopalri lake, uttaray, versay, barshey , biksthang, legship, rinchenpong, reshi hot springs, rabdentse, and norbhugang etc.

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