Weather in Sikkim

Weather conditions should be kept in mind when one is planning to visit Sikkim. Winter, summer, spring, and autumn are the four seasons of Sikkim. In south of Sikkim, the weather is sub-tropical while it is very cold in north. The average annual temperature in Sikkim is 18 C. In winters, the temperature dips to 0-4 C. Between March and mid-May, Sikkim receives enough of sunshine while official summer season is May to October. In summers, there are continuous rains in Sikkim, usually lasting for many days. The longest continuous rainfall was recorded for 11 days non-stop.

Sikkim is also known for regular snowfall with snow-line ranging from 6100 meters in north to 4900 meters in south of Sikkim. It is advised not to visit Sikkim during monsoon or winters as there are chances of landslides and fog due to heavy rain in monsoon. In winters, temperature goes as low as -40 C on mountain peaks and they remain covered with snow.

It is autumn from September to October in Sikkim.

Best time to visit

Late September to mid-November and April-May.

Maximum temperature in summers:
28 C

Minimum temperature in winters:
0 C

325 cm. RF / Year

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